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Everywhere you go, always take the Music with you.

  • On a computer

    Akazoo on computer
    Just update your browser to the latest version, go to, kick back and enjoy.

    Akazoo web app plays seamlessly in any of the popular browsers below.

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  • On your phone

    Akazoo on phone
    Take Akazoo anywhere on your mobile device. Play music over Wi-Fi or 3G and sync songs so you can listen offline when you don't have cell service.


    Specifically designed and built for Android, the new Akazoo app is now available on Google Play.


    Get instant access to millions of song on your iPhone when you install Akazoo from the App store.

  • On your tablet

    Akazoo on tablet
    We put all your favorite music right in your hands.


    Taking advantage of the larger screen and increased performance Akazoo looks fantastic on the world’s most popular mobile platform


    This app makes the most of all the amazing technology inside iPad.

Akazoo is a lot more than just listening to music.

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