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Connect with Facebook and find out what your friends are listening to.
Connect with your Facebook friends and find out what they are listening to.


Here’s what we have to offer, and it’s a lot.

  • 30 million+ tracks

    Our music library is huge and spans every music genre from the latest hits to old classics.

  • Powerful search

    Search for a song, artist, album, or playlist or find people who can help you discover great new music.

  • Offline mode

    Sync your playlists and albums and listen to your favourite music even without 3G/WiFi connection.

  • Social music

    Connect with Facebook friends and follow Akazoo users; post your finds and share the love.

  • Ad-free music

    No ads, no cuts, no commercials. Enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted music experience.

  • Music downloads

    Don’t just stream it, own it. Download music in MP3 format from as low as 0.72€ per track.

  • Playlists

    Drag songs and albums into playlists and rearrange tracks to create the perfect soundtrack for your life.

Akazoo is a lot more than just listening to music.

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